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'Hotel hygiene door' seven involved hotel Shanghai be warned and fined 2000 yuan

Date: 2019-01-16

After a lot of media exposure "hotel hygiene door" event has below.January 8, Beijing commercial daily reporter learned that, "hotel health door" involved in the Shanghai bulgari hotels and other high-end hotels have all seven were warned, and fined 2000 yuan.The personage inside course of study points out, nearly hotel health has become a hot topic for a period of time, and involved the hotel was sent, also knocked a wake-up call for the field.

Now, seven Shanghai involved hotel penalty results have been released.Among them, bulgari hotel Shanghai, Shanghai four seasons hotel, Shanghai puli hotel 3 hotels punishment made by a district WeiJianWei, wto royal Amy hotel Shanghai, Shanghai bund waldorf astoria punishment by the huangpu district WeiJianWei, moreover the mandarin Oriental hotel in the pudong new area in Shanghai (Shanghai mandarin Oriental hotel, dismissal as the hotel master hai rui Ming) and on haile Carlton hotel, made by pudong WeiJianWei punishment.The penalty is not in accordance with the relevant provisions of the customer supplies equipment for cleaning, disinfection, cleaning, repeated use of disposable supplies equipment, fine of $2000.

Late November 14, 2018, a claim to the hotel for the account of the house of 14 V exposure such as Beijing and Shanghai more five-star hotel with a dirty towel to wipe the glass and the toilet and so on health, involved including Beijing Conrad hotel, Beijing royal peninsula hotel, Beijing h and Ann went the park hyatt hotel, Beijing, Shanghai four seasons hotel, Shanghai pudong the mandarin Oriental hotel, Shanghai shimao royal Amy hotel ritz Carlton hotel in the pudong new area, Shanghai bund, Shanghai waldorf astoria, puli hotel in Shanghai, Shanghai bulgari hotels and resorts, fuzhou, guiyang, guihang sheraton hotel shangri-la hotel, etc.At that time, the hotel health problems become public topic.

After the event, also has attracted the attention of a great culture and tourism departments, Beijing LvYouWei had joint common questioning the five-star hotel Beijing tourism industry association.Beauty consultant agency chief knowledge officer, senior economist at Zhao Huanyan pointed out that the lodging industry's safety and health is the basic requirement, the cost of the enterprise in the aspect of safety and health can not be compressed, this is the most basic requirement for brand building.Zhao Huanyan also called on at the same time, the hotel industry should introduce a detailed standard, so that the check and supervision.